• AHD Technology

    In the field of security, high-definition products application is like a raging fire to. In ONVIF, PSIA Alliance Network HD and HD-CCTV alliance Digital HD is gradually occupy future HD product market, and the AHD camera products is also on the security market line. HD products through security market accumulate for years, from the beginning of the simulation monitor to network monitoring, network monitoring based on the derived HD network monitoring, and AHD digital high-definition monitor is the future development of the security market. AHD products processing digital signals through the coaxial cable transmission, the video interface for BNC, using a transmission wire is commonly seen in engineering GB”75-3″ video line, since the majority of users habits, many projects including Party A will be used AHD digital high-definition called” analog HD”, in fact this is called error the. Based on AHD camera products to its own characteristics, its advantages are summarized below: Because the device uses the BNC interface connection, that is to say we will have the traditional simulation framework system to HD monitor system in the process, without requiring rewiring, only replacing the front and rear end portions, which will provide engineering save enormous time and labor costs. […]

  • POE IP Camera

    POE IP Camera

    POE is short for Power Over Ethernet, it’s also known as POL, Power over LAN or Active Ethernet, and is sometimes referred to as Ethernet Power supply. POE technology can use existing standard Ethernet cables in the transmission of data signals at the same time, also can provide this kind of network devices with dc Power supply technology,such as the POE IP cameras. Compared with the traditional IP camera, POE IP Camera only needs a network cable to work properly, simple and convenient installation, minimize construction costs, reduce the risk from the power problems, which makes network equipment more easy manageable. POE IP cameras can be used in the places  not convenient to set up the power cord or indoor and outdoor venues that needs to move constantly.