1. Packing boxes
Kayeton provides three packing options for customers:
NO1. Color packing boxes of Kayeton design ;
NO2. Color packing boxes and User Mannuals of no brand;
NO3. Most of our customers would like to make their own style packing, we provide customized color packing boxes as well. Please provide us your design documents of your color boxes and other packing, and then we’ll make the right and high quality packing material according to your design. And if you don’t have your own design documents yet, we can also make packing design according to your requests. We are cooperating with an excellent design team, who can make your customized packing boxes fashionable, beautiful and decent enough to set your products off to high quality.
2. Inside protecting packing
First we’ll put cameras into a bubble bag and then pack it in appropriate pearly foam, this would definitely protect your products well.
3. Outside packing
Our cartons are made of A+ material, first we’ll stick shipping mark on cartons, then wrap cartons with waterproof membrane and finally pack with crossing bondage. We make every step perfect to ensure Kayeton products get full protection from shipment to arrival.