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13MP Auto Focus Webcam UVC 13 Megapixel OmniVision OV13850 USB Camera with Mini Housing


*13 Megapixel Auto Focus USB 2.0 Camera with Mini Housing
*High quality image
*Low power consumption
*Small outline for embedded application
*UVC compliance for use in OS Windows, Linux, Android
Model: KYT-U130-13MAF01
Sensor: OmniVision OV13850
Focus: Auto
Resolution & frame :
4160×3120@6fps MJPEG; 1fps YUY2
3840×2160@6fps MJPEG; 1fps YUY2
3264×2448@10fps MJPEG; 1fps YUY2
2592×1944@10fps MJPEG; 2fps YUY2
2048×1536@18fps MJPEG; 3fps YUY2
1920×1080@30fps MJPEG; 5fps YUY2
1600×1200@30fps MJPEG; 10fps YUY2
1280×1024@30fps MJPEG; 10fps YUY2
1280×960@30fps MJPEG; 10fps YUY2
1280×720@30fps MJPEG; 5fps YUY2
1024×768@30fps MJPEG; 20fps YUY2
800×600@30fps MJPEG; 25fps YUY2
640×480@30fps MJPEG; 30fps YUY2
640×360@30fps MJPEG; 30fps YUY2
320×240@30fps MJPEG; 30fps YUY2
320×184@30fps MJPEG; 30fps YUY2
Compression format: MJPEG \ YUY2
Interface: USB2.0
Lens Parameter : 70 degree
Housing: Mini Case
Voltage: DC5V
USB Video Class (UVC): Support
Auto exposure AEC: Support
Auto white blance AEB: Support
Adjustable parameters: Brightness/Contrast/Color saturation/Definition/Gamma/WB
Operating Temperature: -20°C to 70°C
Support OS: Windows, Linux, Android

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