2.0megapixel 1600x1200p usb camera module 01
2.0megapixel 1600x1200p usb camera module 012.0megapixel 1600x1200p usb camera module 022.0megapixel 1600x1200p usb camera module 032.0megapixel 1600x1200p usb camera module 042.0megapixel 1600x1200p usb camera module 05

2megapixel 1600 x 1200 webcam low illumination OTG Support UVC compliance Linux Android Windows Mac driverless usb camera module

*1600x1200P 2.0Megapixel Color Low illumination USB camera module
*UVC compliance for use in OS Windows, Linux, Android, Mac
*OTG support
Model: KYT-U200-HDS2MR
Sensor: Aptina MI2010
Low illumination: working perfect both in light condition and low light condition
Mini illumination: 0. 001lux
Focus: Manual
Resolution & frame :
1600×1200 MJPEG 15fps YUY2 5fps
1280×1024 MJPEG 15fps YUY2 5fps
1280×960 MJPEG 15fps YUY2 9fps
1024×768 MJPEG 15fps YUY2 10fps
800×600 MJPEG 15fps YUY2 15fps
640×480 MJPEG 15fps YUY2 30fps
352×288 MJPEG 15fps YUY2 30fps
320×240 MJPEG 15fps  YUY2 30fps
Compression format: MJPEG \ YUY2
Interface: USB 2.0
Lens Parameter :  lens 3.6mm(2.1/2.8/6/8/12/16 fisheye optional), 30-180 degree optional
Voltage: DC5V
USB Video Class(UVC): Support
OTG : Support
Auto exposure AEC: Support
Auto white blance AEB: Support
Adjustable parameters: Brightness/Contrast/Color saturation/Definition/Gamma/WB
Dimension: 30mm x 25mm, other size can be customized
Operating Temperature: -20°C to 70°C
Support OS: Windows, Linux, MAC, Android

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