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Fisheye Wide View Angle 180degree 5 Megapixel Manual Focus UVC OTG USB Camera Module 5MP OV5640 Webcam

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*5.0 Megapixel Manual Focus USB 2.0 Camera Module with Fisheye Wide View Angle lens
*UVC compliance for use in OS Windows, Linux, Android, Mac
*OTG support, Smartphone support
Model: KYT-U500-R02FE
Sensor: CMOS OmniVision OV5640
Focus: Manual
Resolution & frame :
2592×1944@15fps MJPEG; 2fps YUY2
2048×1536@15fps MJPEG;  3fps YUY2
1920×1080@30fps MJPEG;  5fps YUY2
1600×1200@15fps MJPEG;  5fps YUY2
1280×720@30fps MJPEG; 5fps YUY2
640×480@30fps MJPEG; 30fps YUY2
352×288@30fps MJPEG; 30fps YUY2
320×240@30fps MJPEG; 30fps YUY2
Compression format: MJPEG \ YUY2
Interface: USB2.0
Lens Parameter : Fisheye wide view angle 180degree
Voltage: DC5V
USB Video Class (UVC): Support
OTG support: Smartphone support
Auto exposure AEC: Support
Auto white blance AEB: Support
Adjustable parameters: Brightness/Contrast/Color saturation/Definition/Gamma/WB
Dimension: 32mm  x 32mm, other size can be customized
Operating Temperature: -20°C to 70°C
Support OS: Windows, Linux, Android, Mac

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