Waterproof IP67 Level 6 LED with Light Control Button Endoscope Mini USB Camera

Waterproof IP67 Level 6 LED with Light Control Button Endoscope Mini USB Camera


This handheld high definition android inspection camera makes use of optoelectronic technology to detect hard-to-reach area with high quality images.Compared to traditional models,this new models can perfect matching with your smartphones,tablets,laptops and PCs.You can capture image and video.In addition,the camera head equips 6pcs of High-Intensity LEDs(with brightness control button)to illuminate the exploring areas specifically.The 0.5m/1m camera tube is IP67 waterproof standard with 5.5/7.0/8.0mm diameter Lens ,so that you can explore area under water,gaps and holes.The attached tools contains 3 accessories hook,mirror and magnet to attach to the camera head for picking up small objects,hooking to identify the problem conveniently.

• Module: KYT-U130-Z01

•Handheld Wireless Inspection Endoscope
•Color:Golden ,Black,Sliver
•Lens Diameter: 5.5/7.0/8.0mm
•Resolution: 640X480(5.5/7.0mm) 1280X960 1280X720 (8.0mm)
•Sensor Size: 1/9 inch
•Frame Rate: 30fps
•View Angle: 67 Degree
•Waterproof Level: IP67
•Operating Temperature 0 to 70
•6 LED with Light Control Button
•0.5/1m Long USB Cable;
•Power Supply: 5V DC via USB
•Computer Operating System: XP Win7 Win8 Vista Android
•Photo Format: JPEG
•Video Format: AVI
User method :  
Scan the QR code on the Manual to install APP, or download link to install APP ,then an icon appears on mobile desktop, click on the icon, the product is available to use.It’s very easy to operate this android endoscope, just download an App and inserted the endoscope in your device, the App will automatic recognition it, start to use now !

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