Module Dimensions:

With hundreds of thousands of camera module applications, module dimensions represent the factor that varies the most. Our engineers have the power to develop the exact dimensions which will work best for your specific project.


Hardware Modification:

Each project aims for different application scenarios and some of them are so new and unheard of. These innovations usually contain extra hardware. At Kayeton, we are enthusiastic about being part of an innovative product. We typically offer the following hardware modification options; if you have any other ideas, contact us for more options:


Firmware Modification:

Other than module dimensions and extra hardware, the firmware of the camera module customization also plays an important role in the overall product performance. Using software and depending on your applications, we will modify features such as brightness, contrast and more.


Logo and Private Labeling:

We could customize and print your logo and private labeling on the camera board, housing, carton box base on your requirement.

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